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Psychometrics, Role play & Outdoor Business Training Courses
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Training Approaches

KBA adopts a range of training approaches, dependent upon organisational and individual need. The key benefit of staff at KBA is that we are practitioners - not academics. We therefore choose the most appropriate training approach through a combination of many years' experience and, most importantly, listening carefully and responding to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Training approaches we currently use include: -


KBA has access to a wide range of Psychometrics tools and questionnaires, which tutors are fully qualified to use.

We use these to:

  • help you to make recruitment and selection decisions.
  • helping individuals to develop themselves and their teams in the light of knowledge about their personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Underpinning development programmes.
  • Supporting Coaching programmes.
  • integrating psychometric approaches with competency models suited to your business.


This is a activity which provides delegates with the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques which are being discussed in the training day or seminar. All role-plays are problem orientated and contextualised to the individual organisation.

Small Group Work and Group Discussions

KBA recognises the importance of interactive sessions and not bombarding delegates with information. Tutors therefore introduce small group work at regular stages throughout the event, setting tasks and activities, before facilitating plenary sessions to share thoughts with the whole group.


Handouts support all discussions during the training session, to aid the learning process. This serves to reinforce the learning and provide a useful reference guide when the delegate is back in the work environment.

Case Studies

In order to allow delegates to explore a range of issues, together with making practical application to theory, KBA often uses case studies to illustrate points. These are always discussed in small groups, facilitated by a tutor.

Learning Games

KBA recognises that delegates sometimes learn most effectively through fun activities and games - with a purpose. We often use such games and activities, which have a clear purpose and allow delegates to reflect and think. These activities are always de-briefed at the end of the session, with the tutor drawing out from the delegates the key learning messages.

Outdoor Activities

In situations where it is appropriate, KBA run team-building activities based outdoors. This involves a range of activities and isn't just about raft building!

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