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Tailored Programmes
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Tailored for your Requirements

At KBA, we pride ourselves in listening carefully to our clients and producing solutions that meet their needs. If you have a specific problem or issue to deal with, you could benefit from one of our tailored programmes.

The benefit of a tailored programme is that it is a unique programme designed exclusively to meet the needs of your business. The content, duration and delivery methods are down to you - with our help of course!

The content of your tailored programme will vary, but some examples include: -

  • Management development
  • Time management
  • Customer care
  • Interviewing skills

- See Case Study

How we can help

One of our tutors would meet with you to discuss your specific needs. They can help you explore the particular issue that you are seeking to address or resolve through the training or development intervention.

Having agreed on the broad course outline and duration, our tutor, with the support of the rest of the team will prepare aims and objectives of the programme, together with more in-depth course materials and outlines. The final content is checked with you to ensure it exactly meets your requirements.

The programme can then be delivered wherever you want it - your offices or an external venue sourced by either yourselves or KBA.

As part of KBA's drive to continually raise quality standards, all delegates are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the training course by completing an end of course questionnaire. We forward a copy of these questionnaires to your organisation for their information.

Alternatively, KBA would be happy to conduct a full review of the course outcomes and success, agreed at the proposal stage.

Tailored programmes are a good alternative to accredited programmes, where you have a specific need to address or where accreditation by an external body is not a key issue in the development of your staff.

KBA, UK - Tailored Business Skills Management Training Courses in the North East of England ''Design, delivery and evaluation are all crucial to the success of any programme and KBA placed emphasis on all these aspects. The programme was clearly focused on our business.''
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